Celebrating our community

We are working WITH the community to positively impact the wellbeing & lives of children, young people and their families.

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The OKRFZ is doing things differently.

Our community has been ‘done to’ for too long. Instead we are working with our community.

The OKRFZ is focused on celebrating and strengthening. Celebrating all the amazing things about our community and believing the answers to issues are within the community itself. We are creating the right conditions for local people to engage and collaborate and have the mindset to seek to unlock and build capacity locally. 

Beyond the Monopoly Board

Changing the story of the Old Kent Road

The Zone seek to change the volume and celebrate what’s here. Our listening shows that there are many positives that aren’t seen, aren’t known about or shouted about.

This needs

to change.

Why Old Kent Road Family Zone?

Wellbeing comes before everything else for children at Surrey Square Primary School. It is embedded into our fundamental practice and is at the core of everything we do. We developed this initiative with the community to further embrace these values to create an even better Walworth for all.


The Marketplace is held monthly at Surrey Square, providing a vibrant space for the community. This event offers free food, clothing, and access to other services (including the NHS) to promote healthy living, financial security, and environmental consciousness.

When is it next on?

No future Marketplace dates, please check back soon!

Our partners

Where are we?

It was our location that led us to utilise our unique position to start the Old Kent Road Family Zone.

We are situated at the edge of the Aylesbury estate and the redevelopment area in East Walworth. 

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