Celebrating our community

We are working with the community to positively impact the wellbeing & lives of children, young people and their families, by building...


Actively listening and building genuine relationships with and between different individuals, groups and organisations


Celebrating the great things and shining a light on what’s great about our community


Working together and co creating to make things even better

Beyond the Monopoly Board

Changing the story of the Old Kent Road

The Zone seek to change the volume and celebrate what’s here. Our listening shows that there are many positives that aren’t seen, aren’t known about or shouted about.

This needs

to change.

Why Old Kent Road Family Zone?

Wellbeing comes before everything else for children at Surrey Square Primary School. It is embedded into our fundamental practice and is at the core of everything we do. We developed this initiative with the community to further embrace these values to create an even better Walworth for all.


Where are we?

It was our location that led us to utilise our unique position to start the Old Kent Road Family Zone.

We are situated at the edge of the Aylesbury estate and the redevelopment area in East Walworth. 

Find us!

The Marketplace

The Old Kent Road Family Zone Marketplace is held monthly on Saturdays at Surrey Square.

A secure and trustworthy space providing basic services such as food, clothing and financial aid, as well as a great place to connect and socialise.

Join us next time on:

Saturday 27th January

Saturday 24th February

Saturday 23rd March

Saturday 27th April

Saturday 8th June

Saturday 20th July