The Marketplace is held monthly on Saturdays at Surrey Square, providing a vibrant space for the community. This event offers free food, clothing, and access to other services (including the NHS) to promote healthy living, financial security, and environmental consciousness. Children can enjoy various sports and creative activities, while adults have the chance to shop, chat and relax. The morning culminates in a delicious meal prepared by Chef Kam and her team, bringing everyone together. This monthly gathering not only supports local residents and reduces waste but also fosters a strong sense of community and connection.

When is it on?

No future Marketplace dates, please check back soon!

Outcomes from the last Marketplace


families received
at least one book.


families were able to take a bag full of clothes and shoes at Col’s Boutique.


service has been added to the Marketplace.


families received at least one meal worth of food items.


clothing items have reached community members.


clothing items on average have reached community members.


attendees were served a warm meal.


services are currently offered.


homeware items found a new home.



We are currently working with 4 partners.


More visitors came compared to last the last Marketplace.



attendees said they were happy with their new shoes.


of attendees surveyed enjoyed Col’s Marketplace.

What do attendees think of the Marketplace?

People from different cultures had lunch together and got to know each other.
Tea, coffee and desserts were served continuously.
An attendee shared how her new coat made her feel very special.

"It has been a great way to socialise with the community!"

"I enjoyed the food a lot. It was very delicious. The kids enjoyed all the outdoor activities, especially the football. You guys should keep up the good work."

"I am very happy to come here. My kids are happy that they can play and meet new friends."

What are the main reasons people come?

To get to know the other parents.
For their children, because they like it there and it’s a safe environment.
For the food and the clothes.